The Rep's Garage Sale

Aug. 2, 2009
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Next week Saturday, (August 8th) The Milwaukee Rep hosts the next in its series of popular garage sales. The sale takes place in the classy “garage” that is the Quadracci Powerhouse Theatre from 10 am -  3pm.

Here are some highlights on what’s going to be available at the sale:


As good as it is, the Rep sometimes ends up with a bad script. Oddly enough, there end up being some pretty large props that come out of these shows . . .

--Two 8-foot inflatable beach balls from Eurydice.
“Impressive, yes…and they look like fun, but what on earth am I going to do with them?”
Good question.
“And anyway, where would I put them?”
Glad you asked. As they are inflatable, they are also deflatable. They can be stored in a bag . . . preferably with a portable air compressor. Take that bag anywhere you might find the need  for 8-feet of inflatable fun. Trips to the bank, the DMV and even jury duty could be so much more enjoyable with an 8’ diameter beach ball. It’ll take a while to inflate and people might stare in disbelief at first, but once they realize what you’re doing, they’ll be excited that they’ve become a part of something truly bizarre—it takes much more than one person to handle a beach ball of that size . . .

--Four floor-standing candelabras from Bach at Leipzig

So you’ve invited your date to your place for a romantic, candle-lit dinner for two. Won’t he or she be surprised when the candles in question sit atop a pair of towering candelabras that positively overpower the tiny dining room table in your cramped little east side apartment . . .


--An Electric Train Set and Track from The Cherry Orchard.

I know there’s a toy train story on south K.K. with plenty of collectibles, but it’s doubtful that any of them could have been said to be a part of a theatre set that was developed by a Tony Award-winning scenic designer. Could be a really interesting conversation piece.


‘50’s retro hasn’t really been in style since the swing music revival of the mid-90’s, so it’s probably due for a comeback. Here are a few items from the Rep Cabaret’s production of Hoola Hoop Sha-Boop that are perfect for the ‘50’s retro hipster’s dorm room/bachelor pad:

--a light-up soda fountain counter

--a large cut-out of Marilyn Monroe

--a large cut-out of a Fender guitar

--a large cut-out of Coca-Cola bottle

--a large cut-out of a 1958 Chevy. 


The costume department will have a number of items for sale—both practical, contemporary outfits and collectible period costumes. The weird upshot of this is . . . if you’ve been going to the Rep these past several seasons and ever wanted to know how you measure up to say . . . Laura Gordon or Torrey Hanson, you might just have the opportunity to do so. Of course, there are no guarantees on which costume pieces are going to be available, but the press release issues that standard bit of knowledge known to all thrifters who frequent garage sales—the biggest selection is always available earlier in the day . . .


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