Steampunk Night at the Broadway Theatre

Aug. 13, 2009
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I’m looking forward to a four show weekend. Tonight, in addition to seeing the FREE premiere of the new Insurgent Theatre show Ulysses’ Crewmen, at Cream City Collectives.

I’ve been invited to see local stand-up comic Alex Grindeland at the Alchemist at 10pm.
Events conspired to keep me from seeing his show last night, making for a really big night tonight . . . and what with the schedule being what it is, I will be seeing Next Act’s Around The World In 80 Days on Sunday matinee . . . the show opens tonight. Seeing it for review means that I have to catch it opening weekend. The day my review of the show finds its way in print in the next issue of the Shepherd-Express actually sounds like an ideal evening to see the show.

NEXT THURSDAY NIGHT (August 20th) is Steampunk Night at the Broadway Theatre Center.
(I kind of wish I was able to go to this)

Madison's Steam Century

The festivities begin in the lobby at 6:00pm with activities hosted by Madison’s STEAM CENTURY. SC is a little like the SCA—only rather than getting into some weird approximation of pre-17th century Europe, SC hosts mystery games set in 19th century Steampunk world. Everybody dresses up in Victorian garb and plays roles according to a pre-conceived script. One website refers to the ongoing game as being something of a cross between the traditional murder-mystery party and traditional live-action role-playing. Being steampunk, the group isn't strictly following history. The steampunk alternate-timeline story described on the site talks of the "failed rebelion of 1776." They play in a world of airships with an America still ruled by Europe. Sounds interesting.  

Then, at 7:30pm, The Milwaukee Chamber Theatre performs Around The World In 80 Days.  And on Steampunk night, anyone coming to the show dressed in Victorian costume gets their tickets at half price. This makes the price of attendance just a little over $20 for those in top hats, frock coats and suchlike. This could make for a really interesting atmosphere. The Broadway Theatre Center’s Cabot Theatre was, itself, built right around the era. It opened in 1907 and was designed after the style of an  18th Century Italian Baroque-style Opera House. With a fair number of people in 18th century garb in the audience and a everyone onstage dressed for the occasion, the overall feel of the show should be really interesting . . .

And then after the show at 10pm in the Skylight Bar and Bistro on the second floor of the complex. Madison area Steampunk musician Eli August will be playing. August is Acoustic guitar, drums ukulele and upright bass in sort of a fusion between melancholoy contemporary pop ballads and 18th century folk music.

Half-price tickets for those in costume for the Steampunk Night performance of Around The World In 80 Days must be purchased the day of the show in person on Thursday, August 20th.


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