He keeps turning up like a bad penny....

Aug. 17, 2009
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ESPN News is reporting that WCCO-TV in Minneapolis has said that Brett Favre is expected to sign with the Vikings today.

ESPN also just reported the Brett Favre boarded a plane at 9:10 am in Hattiesburg, Miss., and is headed for Minnesota.

WISN Channel 12 is reporting that the local regional airport in Hattiesburg, MS has confirmed that a plane with the Vikings logo on it left about 9:10 am and is scheduled to land in Minneapolis around noon. Both Brett and Deanna are reported to be on the plane.

The best part of that article (that I’m reading on my phone) is WISN sports director Dan Needles’ quote that Brett “doesn’t like training camp.”

And while we all know that’s true, this is the ultimate in douchebaggery. Hold out – don’t have started the possible comeback/rumors so soon – do something to avoid training camp, but don’t announce your retirement AGAIN in order to avoid training camp.

Favre’s Prima Donna self-importance has been well-documented, but this is an all new low.

Chris Mortensen just said on ESPN that Favre just didn’t want to go stay in the dorms, so that’s why he wanted to avoid training camp.


Now ESPN is reporting that pending a physical, Favre is signing for $10-$12 million for one year.


A source close to Brett Favre said the quarterback, pending a physical, will sign a contract with the Minnesota Vikings for between $10 million to $12 million, according to ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen.

Vikings coach Brad Childress confirmed in an e-mail to The Associated Press Tuesday morning that Favre was traveling from Mississippi to meet with the team."


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