Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval to Play Pabst Theater

Aug. 18, 2009
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Former Mazzy Star singer (or perhaps sometimes Mazzy Star singer, depending on whether you believe the group actually broke up) Hope Sandoval will play a Oct. 4 concert at the Pabst Theater, according to the singer's Web site.

This September the proudly un-prolific singer will be releasing her second solo album, Through the Devil Softly, which should cause music writers to recycle all their favorite Mazzy Star adjectives: hazy, druggy, warm, sensual, ethereal, etc, etc.

I've been listening to Through the Devil Softly regularly for two months now, and though it's less immediate than most Mazzy Star records, or even than Sandoval's long-ago, 2001 solo deubt, the record is a real grower, a solemn, gorgeous follow up to Mazzy Star's final outting, Among My Swan. With the tide of young acts like Beach House drawing from Mazzy Star's intimate hush-pop and so many songstresses trying to recreate the quiet, reverby mystique of Sandoval's voice, I suspect this record will meet with more buzz than Sandoval's debut did. It certainly deserves the attention.


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