Jewish Girls Gone Bad at the Miramar

Aug. 19, 2009
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I haven’t had a weekend without a show since the beginning of last month. Generally I have one week without an opening every month. I almost never have three weeks in a row without a show opening to attend. It’s going to feel kind of weird not going to a show in three weeks. It won’t be completely dead, though. There IS the Skylight Opera Theatre’s open house on the first of September . . . and then, at the outset of a week featuring some five local theatre openings, an act from out of town makes it to the Miramar Theatre on the East Side. Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad make it to the Miramar on September 8th.

Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad is a kitschy-looking variety show that’s been extensively touring for some time now. It bills itself as a combination of comedy, music, spoken word and burlesque. With well over a dozen girls in the show, it sounds like a wild evening of entertainment.

To give you some idea of what the Girls do, here’s a picture of a woman with what appears to be a ridiculously large sparkling dreidel in her hair playing with a hula hoop while evidently singing into a handheld mic.

Looks like kind of a weird show for an 8pm Tuesday thing, but it sounds like fun. The group’s website lists a cast of actresses who have all had some commercial success in the past. Many of them have done stand-up on television before. The comedy also takes on sketch format. There’s also music and dancing. And spoken word.

With a $15 ticket price so close to the university, it could be a fun evening of live performance for UWM students at the beginning of the semester. Here’s a promo video from the group’s website:


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