McIlheran: No Evidence Death Panels Don't Exist So Therefore They Exist

Aug. 19, 2009
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Try to wrap your brain around the latest op-ed from Patrick McIlheran supporting the notion that Obama wants to kill granny via his death panels. It’s a favorite topic of McIlheran’s.

There’s no evidence that death panels are included in the health care reform bill. McIlheran sniffs at the numerous investigations showing that nothing even close to death panels are in the bill. What is included is the ability for consumers to be reimbursed by their insurance company for the cost of having a living will discussion with their physician. That notion has been supported by Republicans in the past—before it was a part of the current national debate on health care reform.

But that’s not good enough for true-believer McIlheran:

“At no point does this ‘debunking’ actually engage with visible evidence.”

Right. The evidence isn't visible because death panels don't exist.


“This isn’t panic; it is extrapolation.”

So let’s not deal with facts, of course, because they’ll shake McIlheran’s faith in St. Sarah Palin.

Now, if a death panel showed up in a grilled cheese, kudzu or oil stain on a garage floor I promise I will become a believer.

But until then, I’ll settle for some good old fashioned facts. I only wish an op-ed writer for a daily newspaper had the same standards.


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