Two Things from Opposite Ends of the Local Theatre Scene

Aug. 21, 2009
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There’s always something going on . . . and though there are no theatre shows specifically opening up this weekend, there are a couple of things from opposite ends of the theatre scene going on tomorrow—

First—Tickets go on sale for Marcus Center’s staging of Bunk Bed Brothers tomorrow. Pat Hazell, the man who brought the world The Wonder Bread Years and numerous jokes on Seinfeld and the Tonight Show  . . . teamed up with another TV Writer’s Guild guy and producer named Matt Goldman to tell the story of two grown brothers sharing their childhood bedroom for the first time as adults . . . which sounds vaguely like a premise later used by Will Ferell and a slew of other writers in last year’s film Step Brothers . . .

The Marcus Center production should be good . . . guaranteed to have a pair of actors at least 10 – 25% smarter than the script as John McGivern and Christopher Tarjan play the title characters. The show runs October 9 – November 15th. These guys are very, very popular, so those interested in the show should probably look to buy tickets for a specific day might want to buy tickets soon. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Then—Insurgent Theatre has its last performance of Ulysses’ Crewmen for the month at the Borg Ward. The cramped confines of the Ward should be the perfect location for the play . . . the neighborhood (at 823 West National) even kind of feels like a spot that Kate Pleuss’ revolutionary would take her white collar power hostage . . . a really interesting space for the show. It starts at 7pm tonight and there are going to be a few fringe-ish musical acts there as well. There are only a couple more opportunities to see this show in Milwaukee. This is one of them.


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