A Warm Introduction

Aug. 26, 2009
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Greetings, fellow lovers of fiction!

This is the first post of the Fiction Addict Blog. As the resident Fiction Addict, it's my job to insert a little fiction into your life to make it just a little bit more enjoyable. It's beyond a job, really - it's a passion, something I enjoy doing so much that I'm literally missing "The Price is Right" to post this.

Now, I know you're curious as to what the "Fiction Addict" is going to be featuring on the blog, so let me break it down with some sweet bullet points:

* Featured stories. I read a ton of short stories online from a variety of literary mags, both small-press and "professional" (however you define that at this point, I suppose). When I find a story that I want to share, I'll post a link for you.

* Featured Lit Mags. I know a lot of you reading this are probably aspiring writers, and if you're anything like me, you've probably spent an unhealthy amount of time searching for markets to submit your fiction to. I'll try to regularly post markets looking for fiction.

* Featured Wisconsin writers. Hopefully, at least twice a month, I'll be able to share a published story by a Wisconsin writer.

*Featured Short Story. This is specifically for all the aspiring writers out there. Once or twice a month, I'm going to publish a short story by a Wisconsin writer right here on the blog. The only rule you need to follow is this: keep it under 1,500 words. Once that's accomplished, send it to me (either in the body of the email or attached as a .doc) at fictionaddict@kenbroskyfiction.com.

Them's the details. And since the last thing I want to do is post on this blog as a Phantom, feel free to check out my own writing by clicking here. I offer my first collection of published short stories as a free download, and an older Stephen-Kingy-sorta book I wrote years ago as well.

See you soon!


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