Wisconsin Writer: Lorrie Moore

Sep. 3, 2009
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I don't think I really need to talk up Lorrie Moore at this point ... the New York Times book review section does enough of that. But she's from Wisconsin, and she's a great writer who finally just put out a new book called A Gate at the Stairs. For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to read anything by Moore, I managed to find a short story online that you can sink your teeth into. Here's an excerpt, from the Guardian:



Bake McKurty was no stranger to the parasitic mixings of art and commerce, literature and the rich. "Hedge funds and haiku!" he'd exclaimed to his wife, Suzy - and yet such mixings seemed never to lose their swift, stark capacity to appal. The hustle for money met the hustle for virtue and everyone washed their hands in one another. It was a common enough thing, though was there ever enough soap to cut the grease? "That's what your lemon is for," Suzy would say, pointing at the twist in the martini he was not supposed to drink. Still, now and again, looking up between the crabmeat cocktail and the palate-cleansing sorbet sprinkled with fennel-pollen dust, he felt shocked by the whole thing. 


"It's symbiosis," said Suzy as they were getting dressed to go. "Think of it being like the krill that grooms and sees for the rock shrimp. Or that bird who picks out the bugs from the rhino hide."

Click here to read the full story.


You can order some of her earlier works from Boswell Books. You can also pick up her newest book, A Gate at the Stairs, at the bookstore. I don't mean to digress (although I do, of course), but I recently stopped in at Boswell Books (formerly Schwartz, at 2559 Downer Avenue) and I absolutely love that store. Not only do they have staff picks and new releases, they even have a section showcasing recent award winners, not to mention some used books at a discount. It's got a personality, something you just don't find at the local Barnes & Noble, and it's locally owned to boot! If you're going to buy something from Lorrie Moore, stop by Boswell or go to their Web site.


Ken Brosky



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