Youngblood and The Laramie Project

Sep. 4, 2009
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Ten years after the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, playwright Moises Kaufman and his associates returned to the town. They had previously been there working on a play about how the tiny Wyoming community of 27,000 was dealing with the knowledge of the fact that there were people in their sleepy little town responsible for an inhuman level of brutality.

The play, which had met with a great deal of acclaim, was most recently staged locally by Soulstice Theatre Group. 

Kaufman and company have written a follow-up play The Laramie Project Ten Years Later. Theatre companies from all over are participating in a simultaneous performance of the script on October 12th, 11 years and five days after the murder. Over 100 theatre companies are participating in the simultaneous performance. The local end of the project is being produced with the UWM Peck School of the Arts in conjunction with Youngblood Theatre. Jonathan West will direct. The show starts at 7pm at UWM Helen Bader concert hall at the Zelazo Center. Youngblood has announced that it will unveil its plans for the remainder of the  2009-2010 season at the show that evening.



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