Auditioning to Leave Iowa in Racine

Sep. 8, 2009
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Not too long ago, I used to work at a huge industrial-office complex south of downtown. Back then, there was a remarkably resilient guy who’d been working there for decades—knew the place and all of its bewildering corridors inside and out. This guy could make his way from an obscure point on the fifth floor to an equally obscure point in the basement in less than ten minutes on a busy day . . . this guy was sharp as a microtome and very, very coherent at an age when popular culture expects one to get a bit soft in the logic department. We figured it had something to do with his generation . . . what Brokaw called the Greatest Generation—a generation that had grown-up during one world-spanning war only to be serve in the next. Some of them may have some difficulty adapting to the new fast-paced digital culture, but this is a remarkably durable generation.

Tim ClueSpike Manton

Over Our Head Players in Racine will be staging a dramatic comedy that pays homage to this generation—Leaving Iowa. Written by baby boomers Tim Clue and Spike Manton, the script tells the story of a man going on a road trip to try to finally put his father’s ashes to rest in his childhood home—only to find that it has been turned into a grocery store. The man thus embarks on a road trip across Iowa to try to figure out what to do with the ashes.

Over Our Head Players will be holding open auditions for the play (which generally requires a cast of 3-5 men and 3-5 women ages 20 -55) Tuesday, September 22nd at the Sixth Street Theatre (on 318 Sixth Street) in Racine. Auditions involve cold readings from the script. For more info, leave a message with the box office at (262) 632-6802.

The play runs from November 6th - 22nd at Festival Hall in Racine.


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