Weekend Brewers tweets

Sep. 8, 2009
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Impressive 98 pitch 1 hit complete game from Carpenter. Never thought Id say it, but thank god for Jody Gerut!
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Woo Hoo! 8th inning - first time all game we didnt strikeout!
if (window['tickAboveFold']) {window['tickAboveFold'](document.getElementById("latency-1075612102567600229")); } Poor Mike Rivera - there are just 3 regular starters in todays lineup and "his" pitcher is on the mound and he still cant get a start!

Didnt realize Corey Patterson was called up until he was just announced as a PH!

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Matt Cain out for the 8th with 107 pitches.

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Damn! Todays attemdance is just 30,254. Ouch.

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We all lose, Casey McGehee gets hurt.

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2 on 0 outs 7th inning. Jody Geruts up. I say $5 he Ks, bf says GIDP.

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Holy 3 super high inside pitches in a row from YoGa to Cain. What was that about?

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1 hit per team - each an infield excuse me in the same spot on the 3rd base line by the no. 5 guy in the lineup

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Sad times 3pm start. Natiomally televised. Holiday weekend. Feels like no one is here. Weve seen bigger crowds on a Tuesday!

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20 mins to game time and we drove into the MP lots with no waiting. Odd.


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