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Jan. 31, 2008
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Could use some in this long winter. Sit down before reading further, but Wal-Mart will not go to (ruin) Stoughten after all! Hooray and hallelujah. Christa Westerberg, in the vortex of this multi-year fight, called with the good news. Could it be that this community-wrecker is slowing down? Let's hope so.

Listening to McCain and Romney argue about bragging rights on Iraq is so other-worldly it nearly defies description. 64 killed in Baghdad yesterday; two U.S. Soldiers killed, bringing the total to 3,943 and 39 in January. Ah, but brag the Bushies, only 599 civilians were killed in January! Violence is down. Missing? how about resettlment of millions of homeless Iraqi civilians. Whoa Nelly!

McCain says stay for 100 years if necessary; the surge was "mine" and it is a success story. Yah, sure, Johnny. Mitt says he is as tough as McCain, and as pro-war as anyone. Ron Paul was the only one in touch with reality. "You guys arguing over who said what when is nuts. We are bankrupt. We never should have invaded because Iraq had no connection with 9-11." OK Ron.

February 1, 1960--a life-changing event occurred. Four college students sat-in to demonstrate against segregated eating facilities in Greensboro, N.C. and the Civil Rights movement got a tremendous boost. Read this from the NYT archives. "The demonstrations were generally dismissed at first as another college fad of the 'panty-raid' variety...some whites wrote off the episodes as the work of outside agitators."

A few months later the UW Student Senate voted funds to bring a bus load of Fisk University students to the UW campus to discuss the direct action movement. The Senators stood and sang, "We shall overcome." Then my first picket sign as we protested on the square against chain stores with segregated counters in the South. Today, a black man might be elected president of the U.S. Those brave students in Greensboro started something.


Now that controversial strategist Steve Bannon has left his administration, will Donald Trump begin to pivot to the center?

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