Land of Talk Ready New EP, Share Song

Dec. 31, 1969
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All achy voice and crashing guitars, Montreal's Land of Talk play indie-rock the way it sounded early this century, before the mid-decade mutiny of synthesizers and cowboy hats.

Land of Talk's sophomore album, Some Are Lakes, was one of last year's most underrated albums, a poignant showcase for singer Elizabeth Powell's bruised-peach vocals, and this fall the trio is following it up with a strong EP, Fun and Laughter. Saddle Creek Records has posted a track, "May You Never," in advance of the EP's October 13 release. With its layered sounds and piano intro, this song in particular bears the influence of the Broken Social Scene, which recently adopted Powell, but even with the new gloss and polish, it's still nervier than just about anything else in the BSS canon. 


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