How About a Free Comic?

Sep. 17, 2009
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How about some good ol' fashioned humor? How about something intelligent, but not so intelligent that you're sitting up at night unable to sleep, contemplating our universe and all therein? Fantastic, because I have just the thing for you.

A comic strip! Yes, that's right, I happen to believe that comics can be considered "Literature" from time to time. No, Garfield will never be considered "Literature" (although Garfield Minus Garfield just might at some point). But the comic I'm introducing you to is called Hsu and Chan, by Norm Scott.

Here's a link.

Norm Scott started this comic strip in Electronic Gaming Monthly, and it appeared for a couple years on the last page. I always found it funny, and started following his strip regularly through his Web site. I also got hooked on "Violence Man," another comic he created. Later, Scott's "Hsu and Chan" reappeared on EGM's Website, called (you can read his often-insightful blog here).

Then EGM was sold off and shut down. Literally, the new publisher just shut down the biggest video game magazine in the country. As if that wasn't bad enough, the new publisher replaced my EGM subscription for a Maxim subscription. Maxim is not a good magazine. The articles are somewhere between "awful" and "God-awful" and the women are never naked. Don't get me wrong ... it doesn't upset me that the women aren't naked, per se, but let's be honest here: if I wanted to see naked women, I could Google it for free, without having to pay for a magazine. So what I'm paying for, essentially, is a magazine with bad writing and clothed women I'm supposed to look at for the purpose of getting excited.

But I digress. My point is that Norm Scott's comics are hilarious. I enjoy them greatly, and I wish him continued success in the indie comic biz.


Ken Brosky


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