MoBlogging from Wrigley Field

Sep. 19, 2009
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I have an old, craptastic phone, so I can MoBlog to my other site, but I can't do it to the Shepherd site. So here's what I had to say throughout the day. I'll have a full post, with pictures, soon.

SUPER DELICIOUS MEAL at Rick Baxless' XoCo and a detour to Millenium Park and a Brewers win! Good day!

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Brewers win and salvage a winning road trip!

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Cam just caught the final out of the inning, turned to the bleachers, looked around, apparently didn't like what he saw and headed back to the dugout with the ball still in his glove!

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Its gotten quite chilly in 518 as the games gone on.

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Whens the last timd a guy hit a granny and two ABs later was PH for?

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Coffey sprint looks weird on the short distance at Wrigley

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I know hes a Cub and I must hate him and all but Aaron Heilman is wearing drool worthy stirrups

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Sliding catch in RF. Who is that guy and what did he do with Jody Gerut?

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What a waste. Prince on third no outs ang we cant move him.

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Racing Sausages on a rooftop at the far left field corner!

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PH for Wells in the 5th

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Bullpen active for the Cubs already.

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After struggling in the first Bush retired 8 in a row

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Sarcastically called the Gerut Grand Slam and then suggested he step into it. Glad he went with the first one!

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Grounds crew has two guys on each grate and they strolled them around the infield dirt. Odd.

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Weird. Just heard the Cubs didnt take BP

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A Gamel and a simultaneous Rivera sighting

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Felipe deserves to be out for sleeping and the power of Gerut would have been a GIDP but it still looked like he got back

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And were in! Got here in the bottom of the 2nd

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Bad planning by Amtrak/Brewers as we are still in the El station at first pitch. Train arrived at least 30 mins late.

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Walking across the river in downtown Chicago chanting Here we go Brewers!

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The Racing Sausages will be escorting us from Union Station to the El!

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Conductor just told us that Bernie is on board and will be serving us snacks!

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Happy 4 year anniversary to me and the BF. We're on the train to Chicago for Cubs Brewers at Wrigley and dinner with Liz and Aaron at Bayless' new restaurant XoCo.

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Riding the train to Wrigley with the Brewers front office and Telly


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