Featured Fiction Mag: Electric Literature

Sep. 20, 2009
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Electric Literature is more or less the future of online magazines. If you enjoy reading fiction, you should be reading it. If you enjoy writing fiction, you should be submitting to it. The journal, whose first issue contains five short stories, offers a print copy, an e-book, a kindle or even an iPhone version. Nowhere have I seen such a comprehensive format that allows for traditional (print) readers and non-traditional (iPhone) readers to congregate. I hesitate to refer to anyone reading on their iPhone as "hip" but perhaps in the near-future reading on the iPhone will become "traditional"...

All that aside, the first issue includes a novel excerpt from Michael Cunningham, whose books The Hours and Specimen Days are some of my favorite novels. On top of that, you'll also get fiction from Lydia Millet:


"The dog was serious, always had been. No room for levity. Those around him might be lighthearted. Often they laughed, sometimes even at his expensethe miniature size, bouncing gait, flopping ears. He was a dachshund. Not his fault. You were what you were. He would have preferred the aspect of an Alsatian, possibly a Norwegian Elkhound. He viewed himself as one of these large and elegant breeds."

Click here to visit Electric Literature.

Also included in this first issue are T Cooper, Jim Shepard and Diana Wagman.

If you're a writer interested in submitting to Electric Literature, click here for the submission guidelines. But before you do, get a copy of the first issue in one of its formats so you can get a taste of what the editors like. In fact, don't even bother submitting unless you buy a copy of the first issue. This is a literature journal that's serious enough to pay its writers, and it deserves the support of everyone who wants to be a part of it. Okay, I'm sorry for being so harsh, but goldarn it I like this zine.


Ken Brosky


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