Fiction: "Felix Starro" by Lysley Tenorio

Sep. 28, 2009
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One of the things I've enjoyed about Zoetrope All-Story (which is produced by Francis Ford Coppola, by the way) is that they usually put one short story from each issue online available for free. It's a great way to promote each issue and give interested readers an idea of what theme Zoetrope is going for at any particular moment. It also helps when you can't find the issue at the local bookstore or, more often, when you're dirt-poor and can't afford spending your tiny, tiny disposable income on a Lit Mag.

So right now I'm reading "Felix Starro" by Lysley Tenorio while I listen to the new Alice in Chains album (awesome!) and even though I don't have enough disposable income to pick up the newest issue of Zoetrope, I'm still enjoying their mag. Here's a sampling:


In my family, the only recipe passed down was the one for blood, but Papa Felix said I knew nothing about it. "Too thin," he said. "Like ketchup and water mix-mix." He dipped a finger into the plastic jug of blood and held it up to the fluorescent bathroom light. "What idiot would believe it's his own?"
     Too much water, not enough corn syrup. Always my mistake. "At least it's red," I said, but he just grumbled about my carelessness and lazy attitude and insisted that something in America was making me different; he guessed it was the greasy food, the low-quality air of our hotel room, my terrible luck of turning nineteen in midair, en route from Manila to San Francisco. "I'm the same," I said, but he took my shoulders and stood me in front of him, flicked my temples twice and rubbed them in slow circles, as though what I was feeling could be diagnosed. "You're not right, Felix."

Click here to read the entire story.

You can also purchase an electronic copy of any issue of Zoetrope online, too. For those of you who are writers, their short story contest ends October 1st and you can submit your story online. Winners will get a look from an agent, which is a cool incentive!


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