Wisconsin Writer: Mary Logue

Mystery author, poet, rug maker

Dec. 31, 1969
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It's time to get to know another Wisconsin writer. Mary Logue writes both fiction and poetry, lives on both sides of the Mississippi and occasionally makes rugs. Yup, we writers always have an interesting hobby or two ready and waiting whenever the task of writing becomes too much.

Mary Logue is best known for her Claire Watkins mystery series. The series centers around Watkins, a deputy sheriff for Pepin County, whose husband (also a police officer) was killed in the Minneapolis. Starting with the first book (Blood Country) and continuing all the way up to the most recent (Maiden Rock), you can expect a level of sophistication and depth in each story that you'll never find on an episode of Law & Order.

I've only seen one copy (Poison Heart) at the local bookstore, but what struck me while I sat down with it for awhile is how easy it is to delve into without getting into the previous books. One of the best things about writing a series is the writer can develop the main character with much more intimacy over the course of multiple novels. Still, I didn't have a problem getting into the book, which took an unfamiliar approach to the traditional "murder" mystery. You'll have to pick it up to know what I'm talking about ...

Here's a link to her Web site.


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