Feb. 2, 2008
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Can't say we were not warned. Bob and Phil La Follette, Justices Ryan in 1873, a unanimous Supreme Court in 2007, Gaylord Nelson, and Bill Proxmire all told us to be alert for special interest money distorting our issues and corrupting even the best of public officials. As they say in Green Bay, "and so?"

The answer is alarming. We know the guy who is poisoning the community well and how he is doing it; we know the pollution is injuring us; and our plan? Expand the well or filter the water. Isn't it time to nab the polluter?

Think about two stories this weekend. Should the DNR Secretary be appointed by the governor or the DNR Board? Good question. Scott Manley of WMC speaking for the polluters says let the governor appoint. Why? Spencer Black, good guy with white hat, responds business "wants the governor to be in charge because it's easier to exert influence and steer campaign contributions." Right on Spencer, but ain't it a shame? Our environment suffers because of special interest money. The governor should say, "Hey, them's fighting words!" He doesn't.

The other story--special interests out to steal our Court. The simplistic answer of WSJ--appoint them! Nuts to that. Finance them, publicly. Follow the recommendation of the Court not WSJ.


Now that controversial strategist Steve Bannon has left his administration, will Donald Trump begin to pivot to the center?

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