Featured Lit Mag: The Pinch

A literary journal so good it makes you drool

Dec. 31, 1969
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I mentioned this in a previous post but I thought it might be worth mentioning again simply because it definitely is one of my favorite literary journals out there right now. Maybe it's the glossy cover, or the smooth, thick pages. Probably not. Maybe it's the fantastic cover design that never gets old no matter how many times I look at it. That's a possibility.

But maybe it's the content. Yup, it's definitely the content.

But those covers sure are fantastic, too. They're the type of covers that, I imagine, draw in unsuspecting yokels at the local bookstore who were reaching for the newest issue of People and their hands simply called an audible and picked up The Pinch instead. But then they opened it, and saw the pages of text, and of course they most likely dropped it like a hot potato.

That's the difference between you, dear Fiction Lover, and the standard Yokel. You will pick up a copy of The Pinch, see the text inside, and say to yourself: "This pleases me."

Click here to visit The Pinch. Go to the Brochure section to order a subscription.

For all of you fiction writers out there, click on the submit link for the submission guidelines.


Ken Brosky


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