Angering the hockey gods

Dec. 31, 1969
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We obviously pissed off someone amongst the hockey folks that be because we were foiled left and right tonight in our attempt to watch the men's Badger hockey game.

First, we realized that Charter had the game, which we don't get here in Milwaukee, so we thought we were screwed. Then it looked like the Time Warner channel would have it. Since I have DirecTV, I made the drive up to Cedarburg to watch the game at the boyfriend's house.

About 5 minutes from his place, he calls to let me know that the Time Warner channel is showing high school football, has a scroll saying that they're having technical difficulties with the hockey game and the boyfriend called to ask about it and was basically told he was out of luck.

Great. We head to Blockbuster, realizing our plan was busted.

After dinner we remember that Wisconsin Public Television is showing a replay of the game starting at 10pm, so we plan to watch that.

We had started keeping track of the game through the live blog prior to remembering about the WPTV showing, so we knew a bit about what happened early and the score.

As the second period gets into swing we're awaiting the goal we knew would be scored. WPTV is showing a replay of a UW shot and they show it from another angle and as it's being dissected for us, the announcers get excited and tell us that a goal was scored.

Of course, we don't know anything about it - we were being shown a replay.

No big deal, we think, they'll show a replay of the goal at the next stoppage.

Except, it doesn't happen. WE NEVER SAW THE FIRST GOAL! That is ridiculous and inexplicable. Do WPTV's cameras stop capturing action when their producer chooses to give us a replay? Obviously not.

So how the hell do they have no film of the first damn goal?

You do realize this is all Time Warner's fault, right?
I'm just sayin....


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