Fiction: "The Average Human Heart" by Martin Law

From the Adirondack Review

Dec. 31, 1969
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Sometimes, I happen upon new fiction purely out of luck. In this case, I was double-checking my SPAM folder and noticed that for some reason, my mail system was dropping emails from Black Lawrence Press there instead of my Inbox. May that be lesson to you: keep an eye on that SPAM folder. Or don't. I don't care, really. 

Here's a snippet of "The Average Human Heart" by Martin Law:

≠≠I donít do this so much anymore.¬† I used to do it a lot.¬† After the accident I did it all the time.¬† I know how many knives and forks and spoons I have and how many plates and cups but I know from memory, I donít count them anymore.¬† Almost everyone knows how many days are in a year but I know how many days are in six months, ten months, two years, ten years.¬† How many hours?¬† How many minutes?¬† How many seconds?¬† For me, easy.

I know how many beds the average hospital has and how many meals they serve.  I know how many patients they treat and how long the average stay is.  I know the average number of car accidents in a month and how many casualties.  I know in these accidents there is an average of two hundred and eighty-seven fatalities every month.

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Adirondack Review is put out by Black Lawrence Press, and it's got a great Web site that's not only super easy to browse through, it has plenty of stuff besides fiction and poetry, including a few reviews. Click here to check it out.


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