Fiction: "Give Me That" by Molly Giles

From Subtropics

Dec. 31, 1969
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Since the current Subtropics issue is only featuring poetry (but still worth checking out!), I had to dig to find something in the fiction department that I can share. This was another literary journal that I happened upon when I attended the AWP conference in Chicago last year, and the issue I bought was a great read.

An excerpt from "Give Me That," by Molly Giles:

It was not until she parked at the top of the hill and got out that she saw the full moon hanging over the bay. She paused, holding the box in her arms, and gazed up a moment, struck by something familiar in its round face, before hurrying on through Dahlias gate.
     The house hummed with low voices as she stepped inside. Four members of the dream group, all dressed in black, perched like crows on the white leather furniture scattered around Dahlias living roomLisa weeping prettily, consoled by Ira, Gina fingering one of her heavy necklaces, Nicole reading investment tips out loud from her dream journal. There was no sign of Zoe yet, but Zoe worked in Emergency and often came late. That eerie flute music Chloe liked played on the stereo and one of the last paintings she had madea portrait of a child asleep in a burning houseleaned against the glass coffee table.


Click here to read the full story.


Well, normally I have something witty to say, but not today. I'm too hungry to think clearly.


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