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Dec. 31, 1969
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Upon leaving the theater last night, I found myself oddly perturbed. James Cameron spent ten years on AVATAR, and yet the script wasn't very well-written. My intellectual sparring partner asked me what, exactly, I expected from a science-fiction movie. Well, to be entirely honest, I expected a story. I expected, in addition to fantastic, amazing special effects (which it delivered!), good dialogue and a plot that I couldn't guess at consistently from start to finish.

Why, you ask, do I demand so much? Because special FX aren't an excuse for mediocre writing!

It was, in my humble opinion, kind of like Star Wars: Episode III. It was decent, but the writing just wasn't that great. And just because it's "science fiction" doesn't mean a story has an excuse to not be well-written.

Take Margaret Atwood. The first story of hers that I read was The Handmaid's Tale, a science fiction story about a future in which the Religious Right essentially enslaves women for the purpose of procreation. It's great, fantastic, well worth reading. Atwood can write the heck out of a science fiction tale, and I recommend her to anyone who likes sci-fi. While I couldn't find a short story to share, I did find some stuff for those of you interested in learning more about her:

A video interview with Charlie Rose.

An interview on Salon.com.

A list of her books, and a bio of her life.


Ken Brosky

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