Bye Bye Liver: Hello Milwaukee

Chicago Comedy to be Staged in Milwaukee

Dec. 31, 1969
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One of the biggest drinking holidays of the year approaches. It’s recently been announced that Just a couple of months after New Year’s Eve, a Chicago theatre group will be bringing its runaway hit drinking comedy to brew city. Opening February 12th, The Pub Theater’s Bye Bye Liver comes to Milwaukee. The popular Chicago comedy is a series of skits that explore  the culture of inebriation. In addition to the standard sort of comedy that one would expect of a show about drinking, the program features interactive drinking games that the company’s website says, “pit males vs. females, audience against cast, etc ...” 

The Pub Theater’s choice of Milwaukee venue is a bit interesting as well. Rather than staging the show at a casual, intimate bar on the East Side or in Bay View, they’ve chosen to plant the production in Mi-Key’s on 811 North Jefferson Street.

It’ll be kind of an upscale downtown venue—a bit odd for light sketch comedy, but it sounds like a fun show for the final days of winter . . .


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