Wine With Brian Mani

The Actor Hosts Fundraising Event For Renaissance Theaterworks

Dec. 31, 1969
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(left) A Glass of Red Wine            (right) Brian Mani

As talented as he is experienced, local actor Brian Mani has had countless impressive performances over the years in a number of different theatre groups. His most memorable performance last year was the male lead in Renaissance Theaterworks’ The Dig. There was a brilliant subtlety to his portrayal of a brilliant man who has retreated within himself as seen on the intimate stage of the Broadway Theater Center’s studio theatre. This month, he takes the stage at the Broadway Theatre Center once more as he takes the stage in the male lead of Renaissance Theaterworks’ Blackbird

The show finds Mani playing a man who had an affair with an underage woman. Years later, she confronts him on it. The David Harrower drama has a deep complexity to it that an actor of Mani’s caliber should be quite at home with.

In conjunction with the show, Mani will be hosting a wine tasting party to benefit Renaissance. Come Wine With Me will take place January 17th from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm  at a new wine shop in the Third Ward. For $30, attendees get to hang out with the actor at Vino 100 on 102 North Water Street. Those attending the event get a couple of dollars off the 2pm Sunday matinee performance of Blackbird. Sounds like a very classy Sunday in the middle of the month . . .   


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