Microprose from Paula Carter

Published in MAYDAY Magazine

Dec. 31, 1969
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 Well, I'm back from my "vacation" at the University of Nebraska, just one short semester away from receiving my Master's Degree. I'm beat, but I managed to look up a few short-short stories that you might enjoy checking out while you're pooping around online.


Here's an excerpt from "Mooring Stones," by Paula Carter:


He listens to the woman on the weather radio repeat the direction of the wind.  The tall evergreen trees on the west edge of the yard bend at the waist.  Beyond the trees there is a granite stone, large and loping, resting half in the ground and half turned out.  There is a hole, one inch around and four inches deep, on its flat belly.  After awhile Traver puts his boots back on and goes out to the stone to watch the storm clouds, to worry that it might hail.

From Mayday Magazine, three short-shorts from Paula Carter:

Mooring Stones

The Great Hale-Bopp


I'll look for some more great stuff this weekend, before the Packers game.


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