Touring One-Woman Cabaret Next Week

Rebecca Nagle and Eat The Mystery Come To Cream City Collective

Dec. 31, 1969
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Those people touring on the fringes of mainstream theatre can be kind of difficult to follow. Too busy pumping their lifeblood into their traveling performances, their appearances in town are rarely heralded by any kind of advanced press release. Thankfully, the next show coming to town has been announced well over a week in advance and it looks like fun.

Rebecca Nagle brings her show A Dozen Things I Want To Do Onstage to the Cream City Collectives (on 732 East Clark Street) at 8pm on January 18th. Nagle describes the show as a 1920’s political European cabaret. Admission is a suggested donation of $5.

Normally I don’t quote directly from press releases, but Nagle’s voice is irresistibly charming:

“Of the dozen, Nagle will undress to Wenn Ich Mir Was Wnschen Drfte, fit in a small box, tell your secrets, discuss why something is racist, fall in love, read her fantasies, act out your fantasies, induce a tragedy, fall down, take truth serum while letting the audience ask her questions, tell a tall tale, and disembowel herself.”

Nagle goes on to say that the show:

”combines contortion, burlesque, poetry, games, lecture, ritual, confession, audience participation, science experiments, real-life moments and staged performance to deliver hard truths, half-truths and straight up lies. The cabaret plays with the familiar themes and tropes of the human condition, namely: sexuality, violence, fantasy, love, tragedy, ecstasy, history, and death. Nagle pits reality and action against fantasy and performance for an all out social deconstructionist battle.”

(Sounds kind of exhausting.)

If it all the above text sounds kind of hazy and decadently ambiguous, here’s a YouTube video to give you some idea of what the show’s like.

It’s a pretty wild variety of performance bits. In the intimate performance space of the CCC, this should be really, really interesting. And if Nagel’s charisma onstage is anything like it is in a tiny video box online, A Dozen Things is probably the most charming evening of entertainment one could have prior to watching a woman simulate her own disembowelment.

The show will feature music by local group Eat The Mystery


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