Addicted One-Man Show

Mark Lundholm Comes To UW-Whitewater

Jan. 13, 2010
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Judging from what’s available online, Mark Lundholm fits somewhere between genres as a spoken word performer. The man who has appeared on Showtime and Comedy Central carries himself somewhere between a traditional stand-up comic and a motivational speaker. There’s also a hint of something else—a genuine love of the language that seeps its way into his diction and word choice that fits more properly in the nebulous realm of pseudo-poetic spoken word.

Next month, Lundholm takes his show Addicted: A Comedy of Substance to UW-Whitewater’s Young Auditorium.

Though it is strictly Lundholm’s show, the press release refers to Addicted as a “stage play.” It tells the story of Lundholm’s experiences as a former criminal, addict, mental patient and halfway house resident. Judging from what’s available online, Lundholm may not have the kind of edge or wild sense of insight found in his more successful contemporaries in the darker comedy genre say . . .  Denis Leary . . . but Lundholm’s poise and delivery look every bit as honest and heartfelt as some of the edgier one-person shows currently making the rounds today.  

Mark Lundholm’s Addicted comes to UW-Whitewater on Tuesday, February 10th.


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