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Jan. 18, 2010
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A fellow classmate from UN's MFA program has set up a "novel-in-progress" blog. What does that mean, exactly? Well, these types of blogs are traditionally put together by courageous souls willing to share their works in progress. In this case, Dead Bears is just getting started, so you've got the chance to start at the beginning and watch how the novel slowly unfolds.

A blip from the first entry:

Utopia saw himself as an ant on the outskirts of the last bite, heading for cover that wasnt there. Gods fingers began to flick. With magical sleight-of-hand, ants ejected off George Washington Carvers meal ticket like cannon fire. Utopia looked up and saw he was close to His almighty masticating mouth, so close that he could smell the halitosis of the immaculate. But before Utopia was inserted into Gods apparent stench of a piehole, he too was flicked away, falling through the kingdom of such pillowy heaven, where the light torched like a lake of fire, in a hybrid of cloud and flame. He fell through the cold parts of the billows - a hopeless Icarus - then through the vapor that cooked the land. The land he thought himself finished with and vice versa.

Click here to read the first entry of Dead Bears.

A simple warning: there is a adult language in this novel. If socially taboo words upset you in any way, I'd hesitate before clicking the link. Me? I'm down.


Ken Brosky


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