Fiction: "Cherries and Blueberries"

From Sphere Literary Journal

Jan. 24, 2010
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I was browsing through my few accomplishments over the past year and was looking up one of the literary mags that published one of my short stories, wondering if they were going to print up a copy or not. To my surprise, I found that all of their fiction is online and available to read for free!

I went through and read my story again, and you know what? I'm still content with it. I've found that rarely happens when you write a piece--normally, I can always find some things a year or two down the line that I'd like to omit or add or edit, but with this story I suppose it's just too far in the past for me to reconnect with. That, or I just like it the way it is.

Here's a sample:


Ive been riding the past hundred miles with a guy whos too drunk to drive. The first thing he told me when he picked me up on the side of the road was that he went by the name Wolfman and didnt answer to anything else. It was just one of those things, he said, and I told him that was good enough for me, provided he let me have one of those beers sitting in the cooler in the back seat.
      He asked me when I first got in why I was standing on the road in the first place. I told him I ran away from home even though I look in my early thirties. He seemed to accept the answer anyway.
     Weve been quiet, mostly, content with listening to a wild church channel whose announcer is attempting to compare homosexuals teaching in public schools to weapons of mass destruction that may or may not still be hidden away in Iraq. The car itself smells like stale beer and old fast food. There are different colored crumbs in both drink holders and on the gear shift, along with an assortment of stains that mainly resemble the color of either ketchup or mustard.

Click here to the read the full story.

I'm going to go through this journal and find another piece of fiction that I like and share it as well, hopefully during this week.



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