Goats, Monkeys, Typewriters and David Ives

Upcoming Benefit Cocktail Party Features Reading of Ives’ All In The Timing

Jan. 24, 2010
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Theatre group-in-transition Goats & Monkeys  has announced its next free evening. Something of a departure from its usual Shakespeare fare, the 8pm Goats & Monkeys get together on February 12th will feature readings from contemporary playwright David Ives’ All In The Timing. It’s a program of comic shorts by the Chicago-based author of Polish Joke. Some time ago, the Sunset Playhouse staged a memorable production of the shorts. Goats & Monkeys stages a reading of the 3 of the shorts from the series at the Live Artist’s Studio on 221 South 1st Street.

The shorts will be scattered throughout the evening between 8 and 10pm. Ives’ All In The Timing has a number of really clever bits. The obvious choice for the Shakespearian group is Words, Words, Words-- a skit featuring three monkeys sitting at typewriters discussing the work they’re doing . . . the monkeys on typewriters cranking out Hamlet thing . . . the other two shorts on the evening could be anything. Some of the shorts would work better in a staged reading format than others. Variations on the Death of Leon Trotsky is fun. As is Philip Glass Buys A Loaf of Bread. One of my favorites in the program has to be The Universal Language—a man and a woman fall in love at a class for the Ives-created language of Unamunda.  The other really memorable short from the program was The Philadelphia—a gentleman is “having a Philadelphia”—a point in his life where he gets the opposite of everything he asks for. Cute.

The reading is being presented free of charge with reservations strongly suggested. Reservations can be made by emailing a request to: reservations@goatsandmonkeys.org


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