Four Shows With Three Sisters

Local Companies Stage A Quartet of Shows Prominently Featuring Sister Trios

Feb. 7, 2010
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My wife’s two sisters came over yesterday. The three of them were in the kitchen making cookies as I worked on bits of writing that I was attempting to get done. The three sisters motif was particularly strong this weekend, as my wife and I had also attended a show about three sisters the previous night. It’s a motif that’ll be carried out on a number of stages in the next few weeks. Here’s a quick list:

Now through February 21st,

Waukesha Civic Theatre presents Crimes of the Heart—

Playwright Beth Henley’s award-winning comic drama about three sisters meeting-up in a small hometown in Mississippi. My wife told me that the dialogue was quite true to what conversations between three adult sisters are like—particularly when the three are all talking at once. The three actresses in question (Ruth Arnell, Donna Daniels and Jenny Kosek) may not have a real strong family resemblance between the three of them, but the rhythm of the rapport between the three of them feels very authentic.



February 12th through the 27th.,

Windfall Theatre stages Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters--

Chekhov’s dark tragicomedy inspired by the lives of the three Bronte sisters sounds like a great deal of fun. Maureen Kilmurry directs a really talented cast including (but not limited to) Thomas Dillon, Davdi Ferrie, Robert W.C. Kennedy, Liz Mistele, Thomas Rosenthal and Carol Zippel.



February 18th through March 7th,

 Off The Wall Theatre stages its production of Macbeth

Okay, so they’re not terribly crucial to the plot, but Shakespeare’s three Weird Sisters should be particularly fun in a production of the classic tragedy that is designed to amplify the intimacy of an already small space. Marilyn White, Lisa Golda, and uhh . . Tom Wellcenbach play the three sisters here. And given that the show has a sort of a post-apocalyptic production design, it’ll be interesting. Three  performances of the show are already sold-out.



the coastal home of the three sisters of Montenegran legend

March 11th -13th

Theatre Gigante presents Three Other Sisters--

 Based on Montenegran Legend, Isabelle Kralj, Janet Lilly and Simone Ferro star as the title characters—women who spent a great deal of time waiting for their future husbands to return from a long sailing expedition. Adapted for the stage by Kralj and Theatre Gigante co-Artistic Director Mark Anderson, Three Other Sisters will likely be another ephemeral Theatre Gigante gem . . . here for only one weekend before it fades into memory like so many other great evenings with TG. 



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