Wisconsin Writer: Sheila Julson

Hailing from southeast Wisconsin

Feb. 8, 2010
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Sheila Julson, a classmate of mine at Redbird Writing Studio's roundtable group, wanted me to share some of her stories she's written on the blog, and so here it is. See how simple that is, aspiring writers? It's not scary. What's the point of writing stories if you don't want to share them with everyone? All you have to do is email me.

Sheila Julson has two stories currently on her Fictionaut Web site:

"Songbird" is an excerpt from a novel-in-progress, about a heavy metal vocalist.

"Roomies" is a short story and, like some of the best short stories I've read, is based heavily on a real-life experience.

I took a little time to peruse Fictionaut and I'm pretty impressed. It's got a nice, blog-style layout that writers should definitely check out. Based on the views each story gets, it looks like a lot of the people writing on the site are also readers, which is fantastic. Get an account.


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