Sex, Drugs and Auditions

Pink Banana Casting For Its Spring Shorts Show

Feb. 8, 2010
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Pink Banana Theatre has been staging shorts programs for a few years now. Its latest offering, Sex, Drugs And The American Way finds its way to the Off-Broadway Theatre’s Studio Theatre this May. The new show features work by a number of area playwrights centered around the title theme. Pink Banana never fails to put together an interesting show. Last year’s program featured work by people destined to go on to form theatre companies like Youngblood and Uprooted. There’s a crazy kind of experimental energy floating around the show that can end up feeling like some of the most progressive work to be staged any given year.

Those interested in being a part of Pink Banana’s latest have an opportunity to attend open auditions Saturday, February 20th between 11am and 3pm and February 21st from 10 am – 1pm. The program itself runs May 21st – June 5th. Auditioons are held at the Off-Broadway Theatre.

Auditions are open, but those who phone to schedule in advance of the 20th will have priority. Reservations can be made by calling Jessica at 262-470-6336.


Headshots, a resume and a prepared monologue are encouraged. The audition will consist of readings from the scripts.


I got an email from the gentleman who will be directing my short Romantic Chemistry—the actor Jason Waszak. Having re-read the script, I’m interested. My short consists of a dialogue between two people—one male and one female, late 20’s - early 30’s. A few years ago when I had my first Pink Banana short, I needed two people fitting the same description. Lots of people auditioned. None were the right age. And now I’m convinced I can adjust the script to fit the cast. All I have to do is take out a few lines. This one’s more universal. But there’ve got to be actors in their ‘30’s somewhere in this city, right? . . . right



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