Fiction: "Everyone Has a Snake Story"

By Sean Aden Lovelace in the Sycamore Review

Mar. 1, 2010
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Thought I'd share something from the Sycamore Review's website, since I'm a fan of its layout. Not only that, it has a gray background. That may sound trivial, but nothing makes reading easier on the ol' peepers than a non-white background. 

From "Everyone Has a Snake Story" by Sean Aden Lovelace:

Letís get the facts straight: A snake has scaly skin, no limbs, no external ears, no eyelids, no warm blood, and swallows its prey whole. Inoffensive and shy, snakes have evolved no behavior to prey upon humans. In fact, they avoid humans. However, humans never ďget to knowĒ snakes. Instead they form irrational assumptions based on appearance and hearsay. Consequently, humans ďjust react,Ē typically attacking snakes with a delirious vengeance. The Spring River averages a temperature of 49 degrees Fahrenheit. Thatís clearly too cold. Isnít it?


Hereís a story for you. According to mythology, the Greek island of Tinos was once called ďOfioussaĒ because of the snakes that lived there (Ofis: snake). Poseidon, the islandís benevolent protector-god, sent a swarm of crows to send away the snakes. As a result, in the good old olden days, a great temple dedicated to Poseidon stood on the island. Eventually, the temple returned to the earth. Returned to earth, I say.

Click here to read the full story.

If you're interested in submitting something to the journal, consider trying their Wabash Prize (through March 8th) and you'll get a copy of the prize issue to boot.


Ken Brosky


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