Bye Bye Liver Now Open-Ended

Milwaukee end of Chicago group begins an indefinite engagement at Mi-Key’s.

Mar. 7, 2010
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Photo By Julia Richardson

Chicago-based group The Pub Theatre recently announced that it has expanded the Milwaukee run of its comedy show Bye Bye Liver.

 The program of comic sketches celebrating alcohol was originally scheduled for a limited run. Response has been positive enough that Milwaukee’s Bye Bye Liver has been rescheduled to have no definite ending.

Starting March 12th, opening curtain for the show is being pushed-back to 9:30pm every Friday and Saturday night to accommodate a later crowd. The show features a number of local theatre people including Jason Waszak, who has had really good things to say about the show. An open-ended show that is flexible enough to adjust to the scheduling concerns of its actors is going to foster a relatively stress-free environment for the cast. In a fun comedic sketch show, the environment can really effect the performance. If the actors are having a good time with it, that should come across remarkably well in the show.

The local cast includes some of the best comic actors to be seen on some of Milwaukee’s smaller stages including Andy North, Nate Press, Jazmin Vollmar, Cynthia Kmak. Having not had a chance to see the show, I’m not familiar with the comedy in question, but I have seen quite a few shows with those listed above. And regardless of how fun the show is, it’s really nice to know that people as talented as those mentioned above are getting decent, paying work.

Bye Bye Liver runs Friday and Saturday nights at 9:30 pm at Mi-Key’s on 811 North Jefferson Street. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at the show’s website 



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