Irish Man In Boston Onstage In West Bend

UW-Washington County presents Ronan Noone’s BRENDAN

Mar. 9, 2010
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What with all of the young actors beginning to appear on local stages from a variety of new companies, it’s nice to know that there are still a few university productions appearing at out of the way locations. This week, UW-Washington County opens its spring play--Ronan Noone’s Brendan. It's a contemporary comedy about an Irishman who has moved to Boston.  

Considering the size of the cast, the play is a pretty ambitious venture for UWWC. A cast of over a dozen would be an easier fit for UWM or Marquette. With over a dozen people in the cast, there’s bound to be some impressive talent breathing through the popular contemporary comedy.

UWWC student Jared Blommel stars as the title character . . . a man who has moved to the US in hopes of settling down, learning to drive and starting a life here. He is plagued by bad news from home and the ghost of his late mother—a woman who is very critical of his “disgraceful” lifestyle.

The play debuted in Boston in 2007. In the past several years, it’s gained some notoriety as a fun, lighthearted comedy with some depth to it. It’s a sitcom premise with enough weight to make it worth a trip to West Bend.

UW-Washington County’s production of Brendan runs March 11th – 14th at UWWC’s Campus Theatre on 400 University Drive in West Bend.


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