Fiction: "Some Zombies"

By Bryan Hurt, published in Salt Hill Journal

Mar. 9, 2010
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A shorty-short from Salt Hill Journal's archives, courtesy of their Web site. I don't remember how I came across this site at first, but It's an impressive layout and you can browse the archives for a few free stories and poems if you're interested in submitting a story or just reading a few things. A lot of the fiction seems to be pretty short, so they're easy to digest.

From "Some Zombies," by Bryan Hurt:

After Super Wal-Mart, Charles and Kara came home and found zombies in their front yard. There were like one hundred zombies trampling their lawn. Zombies on the neighbors lawns and on all the lawns. Most of the neighbors were zombies. Some of them moaned. Zombies are cool, said Charles. Zombies stood in the driveway and in front of the garage. One was eating a cat. Kara honked the horn. Zombies stood. It was October and yellow and orange-red leaves fell off the trees and onto zombies. Charles and Kara had been dating a year and a half. They were having relationship problems. Charles was five years older than Kara and had asked her to marry him. In a panic, she said yes. She was in her mid-twenties and unprepared for lifes vicissitudes. She had imagined that she would be able to sleep around until she was in her thirties. At least. Somehow, she felt, someone had tricked her. Honk the horn, said Charles.

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Ken Brosky

P.S. I'd like to feature some more Wisconsin writers, so if you're a Wisconsin writer and you're reading this, send me a link to one of your short stories! Click here to email me.


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