Titanic at the Pabst

Pius XI High School Launches Big Musical At Month’s End

Mar. 11, 2010
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While Waukesha Civic’s production of Bye Bye Birdie is pretty big and ambitious with a cast of over 30, it’s actually kind of dwarfed by a show a local high school will be opening at the end of the month. IF you’ve been to a show in the past couple of weeks or picked up a local publication somewhere, chances are that you’ve seen an ad for Pius XI’s production of the 1997 Broadway hit Titanic: The MusicalAnd it may have crossed your mind that it was kind of odd that a high school would be advertising a show in Footlights . . . but since the tiny, little ads that have been appearing various places don’t bring across the size and scope of the production, it’s worth elaborating on the details here . . .


The show is, evidently, rarely produced due to its size. The historic ship had some 2,200 passengers on it. A collaboration between Pius XI, parents, alumni and the local performing arts community, the Titanic musical features a cast of 70. Some are students. Some aren’t. The age range here is listed as being from 9 – 65 years of age. It’s big. And evidently there’s a lot of money involved. Retired UW-Parkside history professor Judie Tucker Snyder is making sure that every last prop, hairstyle and bit of costuming is true to the time period. Every last individual inb the 70 person cast will be meticulously costumed . . . and it will all take place at the Pabst Theatre. The Pabst Theatre was opened in 1895. The Titanic was launched roughly 17 years later. And, of course it sunk shortly thereafter. The musical makes it to the Pabst roughly 100 years after the ship sank (98 to be exact.) The musical finds a period-appropriate home in the Pabst. It should be a really interesting experience.


Pius XI’s Titanic: The Musical runs March 25 – 27 at the Pabst Theatre. Tickets are $10 - $35. For more info call 414-290-8151.



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