Marquette FINALLY beats Villanova

Mar. 11, 2010
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After losing four games in a row to Villanova by a total of four points, Marquette had their revenge today in the Big East tournament. The Golden Eagles were a preseason pick to finish 12th in the Big East. Now they're heading into the semi-finals of the Big East tournament. They've far surpassed expectations, beaten great teams and basically played out of their heads for months. Finally, people are starting to notice. This is a great article about Marquette's incredible season, Coach Buzz Williams and the team's philosophy. An excerpt: Of the Golden Eagles 32 games, 15 have been decided by four or fewer points, 13 by a single possession. Marquettes worst loss? By nine to Wisconsin. Their poise in the last eight to 10 minutes of a game is great because they know the deal, Williams said. Were not going to blow anybody out. We have to keep it tight and hope it turns into a fight.


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