Poona Auditions In Madison

The Mercury Players Theatre Casting For Offbeat Comedy

Mar. 21, 2010
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Madison’s Mercury Players Theatre will be staging a production of Jeff Goode’s somewhat bizarre comedy this coming May. Poona . . . & Other Plays For Children is kind of a disorienting trip to the theatre. Staged here in Milwaukee some time ago as  a late night show for the late Bialystock and Bloom Theatre Company, the show has a distinctly twisted feel to it. It’s a decidedly adult comedy formed as a series of pleasantly vulgar adult fairy tales. Audiences are presented the stories as though they were children at a late night show . . . it’s actually really difficult to explain without sounding profoundly stupid. Goode’s humor is really deft and satirical.

Tonight and tomorrow night, the Mercury Players are hosting open auditions for the play. Here is an opportunity for local actors to play: a Fairy God Penis, an alien, a child-corrupting computera talking shrub, god, and  of course the title character—a dog named Poona in search of someone to play with her in her big, pink box.

Auditions for Poona are tonight (March 21st) and tomorrow (March 22nd) at the Merc Lab on 930 Fair Oaks Avenue in Madison. Auditions start at 7pm and run through 9pm. Auditions consist of cold reading from the script. The Mercury Players are searching for 9 actors of any size, shape or type. All actors should be 18 or over de to the adult nature of the comedy. The show will run May 28th – June 12th.

For more info, email Rachel Bledsoe at: rachjenk@yahoo.com or call 608-661-9696  ext. 5.



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