Fiction: "Interview with the Second Wife"

By Christine Sneed, published in the New England Review

Mar. 30, 2010
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I don't actually remember the New England Review having anything up online, so it was with great pleasure that I happened upon the site again while looking for places to submit a new piece of fiction. I managed to snag a copy of the NER at the last writer's conference I was at, and it sits proudly on by bookshelf between a copy of The Pinch and reDevider, two of my favorite lit mags.

From "Interview With the Second Wife":

When we met, I wouldnt have thought he would be capable of such a disingenuous act. But it could be that Im likely to assume the best about people who appear keenly interested in who I am, not just in who Patric was. In the years since we met, Dr. Krenek has become a professor of comparative literature at a very old and admired university in New England, and such scandals, I know, inevitably ruin careers, if not also lives. His was the second professorial plagiarism scandal that this school had experienced in a year, and the tone of the article was overtly cynical. Ive thought about writing and offering to help him, but I suspect that he wouldnt be happy to hear from me because, if nothing else, it would alert him to the fact that yet another person knows of his crime, a person who had once been very close to a man whose work Dr. Krenek studied and admired. I also think he believed that I thought well of him during our short involvement, which I did, despite the sometimes puzzling evidence that he did not have all of his facts about Patric and me in good order when he arrived to conduct the interview, one I agreed to so that he might write his own dissertation, one that helped him secure the position at the university where he now finds himself in disgrace.

Click here to read the full story.

For those of you writers out there, NER doesn't accept electronic submissions, but you can click here to find their submissions guidelines.


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