The Off-Broadway Theatre Begins Its Final Act

Next Act Opens Its Final Show At The Of-Broadway

Apr. 3, 2010
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Next Act Theatre continues its consistently high standards as Robert Spencer, John Kishline and Kelsey Brennan star in The Value of Names.  The typically classy atmosphere at the Off Broadway Theatre for a Next Act opening was a bit bittersweet this time around. The Value of Names is the last Next Act show at the Off-Broadway theatre before Next Act moves to the Tenth Street Theatre on its way o a brand new space.

Having had the distinctive second floor space for a number of years, I may always associate the building across the street from the Milwaukee Public Market with the theatre, which has hosted some really great performances over the years. In addition to Next Act, the space has been used pretty extensively by Milwaukee Dance Theatre/Theatre Gigante for consistently good performances. It was always one of the most intimate spaces in which to see a John McGivern show.

The space doesnt immediately shut down after Next Act closes The Value of Names on May 2nd. The Next Act administrative offices dont move until July 1st. (Theyll be in the Phoenix Building. Nice place. I used to work there. The vintage ads posted all over the building ad a little bit of class to the building.) The big goodbye to the pace wont be until after the 5th Annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival, which hits the Off-Broadway Theatre July 29th August 1st. I was actually kind of surprized to see the Comedy Fest ould still be there after everything else was more or less gone. (The Facebook Invite to the festival has the Off-Broadway listed as the venue.) If it is the last show in the space, this year's Comedy Fest will have that added end-of-an0era feel ot it . . .

Next Acts
The Value of Names runs April 1 May 2. A review of the show runs in next weeks Shepherd-Express.


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