Fiction: "Driving" by Katherin Nolte

From American Short Stories

Apr. 4, 2010
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I love ASF's web exclusives. They're easy to read and good quality. ASF is having a fundraiser right now, and if you enjoy reading their FREE online short stories, consider sending a buck or two by clicking here. ASF also charges a $2 fee to submit, which goes toward the magazine. So consider submitting a story. You pay the fee, help the mag, and who knows? Maybe they'll publish your story.

From "Driving," by Katherin Nolte:

There were rumors. Suicide was whispered. Friends and acquaintances, old men and women, hard of hearing and bad-kneed themselves, wondered.

I did not wonder.

I found a table set for dinner, a load of towels, still wet, in the washing machine. The one I loved had started a letter:
Dear Olivia,

Im writing a letter to knock the cobwebs out of your mailbox! August has been an uneventful month. There was a terrible storm last week and we were without power one evening for four hours. We couldnt even watch the evening news. Well

Here was a life that had been interrupted. No suicide, just deaths ever-vigilant net.

Click here to read the full story.

You can also read another short story that appears in 2009's Best American Short Stories collection (edited by Alice Sebold) on ASF's main Web site. Read it. It's good. BASS 2009? Eh. Way too many selections from the New Yorker for my tastes.


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