Job Openings At The Sunset Playhouse

Two jobs available in theatre in Elm Grove

Apr. 8, 2010
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In what optimistic eyes could see as evidence that the economy is turning around, a couple of job openings in local theatre have recently been posted. The Sunset Playhouse in Elm Grove recently announced a couple of jobs in their office. And since such work usually goes generally unnoticed, I will take a little bit of time here to pay tribute to the people who will eventually go on to perform these duties.

The individuals in question will be working for the Sunset Playhouse, a nice suburban theatre now roughly a half a century old. The individuals in question will be working alongside some really nice people, including Jonathan West and Mark Salentine, who are both talented stage actors who are engaging in less glamorous work here.

Administrative Assistant

You who will have the pleasure of doing pleasantly unglamorous office work for nice people who are working to support creative types in an effort to hopefully entertain the rest of us. In exchange for a reasonably respectable $10 - $12 per hour, you will be toiling away for up to 30 hours per week. And what will you be doing? You will be working regular office hours during the day not unlike so many others like you all over the country. (10 am - 5pm central standard time.) You will be making certain that office supplies are stocked. You will be doing clerical work involved with the money end of things. You will be helping out with the volunteers. And you will be familiar with everything that the Playhouse is producing . . . maintaining an awareness of all that the Playhouse is presenting. It’s part time work, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re help keep live, indigenous theatre alive just a little west of Milwaukee starting May 15th.

Box Office Manager

From the humble confines of the Sunset playhouse ticket office, you will be the one making sure everything’s in place so that the rest of us can sit. Seats, as we all know, are merely furniture. The show is what we’re really there to see and you’ll be making sure that everything is handled in the ticket office with the kind of efficiency that makes us blissfully unaware of just how much you do. You’ll be working the ticket window. You’ll be working with others who work the ticket window. You will train the part time help. You’ll be working with a computer. (You may even decide to name it.) It will help you out with all the particulars of where everybody’s sitting on any given night. In exchange for all of this and so much more, you will be paid somewhere between $25,000 and $29,000 per year with health insurance and paid vacation. Your weekends will be really, really busy as you find yourself working all those hours that cluster themselves around actual performances on the weekends . . . and during the week for that matter. Not exactly regular business hours, but you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping all of us be completely clueless about a job you’re doing so well . . .

Further information about the positions in question, complete with concrete, easy-to-follow position requirement information written in plain, uncluttered English is available at the Sunset Playhouse’s website.


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