It's Your Mother Almost Sold Out

Seats Only Available for Two Remaining Performance of the current Boulevard Theatre Show

Apr. 29, 2010
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The Boulevard Theatreís†Artistic Director†Mark Bucher regularly takes some chances with some of the shows he schedules. Thereís occasionally work by a new playwright that may be a bit untested. And occasionally thereís a show or two that wouldnít be produced elsewhere that doesnít quite have the appeal it would need to be a success. And every now an then thereís a big hit. Last seasonís Stations of the Cross was a huge hit. This was particularly impressive as Milwaukee playwright Beth Monhollenís show was largely untested.

This season, the Boulevard is repeating the kind of success seen in Stations with its production of Itís Your Motheróanother show consisting of concise vignettes that mix comedy with drama. This late in the season, thereís something very comforting about brief narrative snippets playing out in an intimate space. The mother-daughter relationships explored in the play have a wide enough appeal that the Boulevard has been able to sell-out all but only two of the productionís final nine performances. As of early yesterday, the May 6th 7:30 pm performance has availability and the recently added May 8th matinee (at 4pm) is still available.

For reservations, call 414-477-5757.


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