5 Free Shorts at UWM

Rebecca Holderness Presents 5 free shorts On Monday Night

May. 8, 2010
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Warmer weather after winter tends to bring with it both the end of the traditional theatre season, replaced by a barrage of shorts programs. Pink Banana Theatre’s next short program is a couple of weeks from its May 21st opening. This coming Monday, UWM’s Rebecca Holderness presents a program of five shorts with Five Plays You Didn’t Know. The ephemeral nature of theatre is really amplified in an evening of six shorts that will presumably never be performed again with the cast in question.

In Barbara Weichmann‘s Feeding The Moonfish, a young man named Martin sits alone on a dock in Florida. He quickly finds out that he’s not alone . . . that he’s been followed by a young woman he works with named Eden.

David Edgar’s Ball Boys won the 2004 British Final Festival of One Act Plays. Evidently having something to do with tennis, the play features characters named Sven, Rupert and One-Eye. Doollee.com describes the play like this,” hyperbolic peroration against beautiful people.” Sounds fun.

Also featured on the program are Small Museum, Blue Like and Dead Wait.


Five Plays You Didn’t Know begins at 6pm on May 10th at UWM’s 508 East Kenilworth Building. Admission is free. Holderness' thoroughly satisfying UWM production of Noel Coward's Hay Fever closes Sunday.  


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