A Tribute To the CCC

Milwaukee Public Theatre and Voices Theatre Pay Tribute to Civilian Conservation Corps

May. 25, 2010
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Founded by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Civilian Conservation Corps was founded nearly 80 years ago. One of the more popular of the New Deal programs, the CCC provided much needed employment to millions of unemployed, firmly establishing an early 20h century foundation for environmentalism that would rise to prominence on the other side of the century.

The Milwaukee Public Theatre and Voices Theatre pay tribute to the CCC Saturday the 29th in Madison as they present a musical theatre piece that was written in honor of the corps’ 75th anniversary. Camp We-Kan-Tak-It follows hosts Geezer and Smitty as they share experiences about the great impression, singing songs dedicated to the era including “CCC Wizard Oil,” “Debate a Skunk” and “Hunt The Snipe.” Based on actual CCC newspapers, the show includes photos, drawing and original songs from the period.   


Wisconsin Public Theatre/Voices Theatre’s Camp We—Kan-Tak-It will be performed at 2pm on May 29th at the UW-Arboretum on 1207 Seminole Hwy, Madison. The show will tour Wisconsin through September. On July 22nd, it comes to Milwaukee for a 12:15 pm show at the Washington Park Senior Center on 4420 West Vliet Street.



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